Valkyrie Sro FAQ:
-Q: my launcher is stop working ?  
-A: add the launcher and sroclient and replacer in windows DEP settings
-Q: My sro_client.exe, Silkroad.exe , Replacer.exe are gone ?  
-A: Turn off your antivirus or windows defender or add exceptions.
-Q: My silkroad.exe is giving me error stopped working ?  
-A: Make sure silkroad.exe and replacer.exe and sro_client.exe are added in windows DEP service you can follow this guide: Click Here
-Q: Windows defender or antivirus going crazy about the client saying its a virus ?  
-A: The client .exe files are packed and protected to insure the best fair game for the players. Since the antivirus doesnt know how to analyze the packed code, it just throw out a false alarm. Please kindly disable the antivirus or add exception for the client folder.
-Q: Grab pet from item mall / lottery ticket only has 1 inventory page  
-A: Teleport and re-check.
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